Book Industry Standards


ISBN Barcode Standards

It is extremely important that your titles now and in the future comply with industry jacket pricing and bar code standards. It is far more cost effective (and less unsightly) for the bar codes to be part of the printing process rather than a ticketing afterthought. All books should have a Bookland EAN and bar code. The bar code should not be smaller than 13/16” high x 1-3/4” wide. If in doubt, please check

Partners has to ticket books that do not have bar codes and many major retailers are now insisting that the price be both on the cover/dust jacket AND embedded in the bar code. It is also unacceptable for the price section of the bar code to read 9000 indicating 'no price' in the bar code. Books that are not in compliance will be ticketed by Partners (or by the retailers) and the cost charged back to the supplier. Please help control costs by complying with this request.

Carton Label Standards

Full cartons of Publication(s) must be labeled in accordance with Book Industry Standards:

Carton labels need to be both human readable and machine readable. Carton labels must identify title, author, publisher name, country of origin, carton quantity, weight, 13-digit ISBN, carton level GTIN-14 and the retail price. The barcodes must be at least .5 inches high and there needs to be at least .25 inches of space between each barcode. Carton labels must be placed on at least two sides of the carton; one must be the long side of the carton. The recommended minimum carton label size is 4 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Carton labels must be placed at least 1.25 inches from any carton edge.

For more information please read the “Product Label” section at:


Example Carton Label

Carton Label

1. Title(recommended 14 pt bold font)
2. Author(recommended 12 pt font)
3. Publisher(recommended 12 pt font)
4. Country of Origin(recommended 12 pt font)
5. Carton Quantity(recommended 12 pt font)
6. Barcode reflecting carton quantity(recommended 8 pt font)
7. Carton Weight(recommended 12 pt font)
8. Barcode reflecting carton weight(recommended 8 pt font)
9. 13-digit ISBN(recommended 12 pt font)
10. Barcode reflecting carton level GTIN-14(recommended 8 pt font)
11. Retail Price(recommended 12 pt font)
12. Barcode reflecting retail price(recommended 8 pt font)

*Please note that the numbers next to the items included in the label are for instructional purposes only.